Food Bank

Clients may receive food from the Lawrenceville Co-Op once every 30 days. The food provided is enough to feed a family for approximately one week. Available food includes canned goods, as well as bread and other bakery items donated by local grocery stores. Fresh vegetables are sometimes available during summer months, when some churches donate items grown in their own gardens. No frozen foods are provided.

In addition to food, the Co-Op often can provide each client with a small amount of household supplies, such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, diapers, and laundry detergent.

CLIENTS: Each time you come to the Co-Op for food, you must bring a current piece of mail to prove that you still live within our service area (Lawrenceville and Dacula). The postmark or date must be within the last 30 days. If you do not receive any mail, you may need to periodically mail something to yourself so that you will have this proof of address.

Some clients may wish to apply for FOOD STAMPS to supplement the food available to their families. The amount of food stamps received by a family is considered in determining eligibility to receive additional food from the Co-Op.


Utility Bills

Once every 12 months, the Lawrenceville Co-Op can pay the last $100 of a utility bill for eligible clients. To receive this assistance:

  • Bring the original current bill to the Co-Op.
  • If the bill is payable to the City of Lawrenceville, you must first pay them the amount over $100 and bring the receipt to the Co-Op when applying for assistance.
  • For utility providers other than the City of Lawrenceville, you must either (1) provide a receipt from the utility company showing that you have paid the amount over $100 or (2) show that you have the balance over $100 in cash or money order.
  • If the bill is not in your name, you must have another current piece of mail indicating that you reside at the service address on the bill.
  • Our check will be paid directly to the service provider and given to you to pay your bill. You may NOT use a bill payment service. Our check must be given or mailed directly to the service provider.
  • All monies paid on your behalf count toward your $500 lifetime limit on financial assistance from the Co-Op.

Prescription Medications

During any 12-month period, the Lawrenceville Co-Op can provide a maximum of $75 to help with the cost of prescription drugs. (We cannot assist in paying for pain medications or mood altering drugs.) Clients seeking financial assistance for eligible prescription drugs must provide the Co-Op with: (1) a printout from the pharmacy indicating the medication and cost and (2) current proof of address within Lawrenceville or Dacula. The pharmacies that the Co-Op works with are:

  • Kroger Pharmacy
  • Publix Pharmacy

Clothing Voucher

Lawrenceville Co-Op clients who live in Lawrenceville or Dacula may receive a no-cost clothing voucher for use at the clothing mission operated by the First Baptist Church of Lawrenceville. The clothing mission is located in downtown Lawrenceville in its own building on Luckie Street, located behind First Baptist Church (165 South Clayton Street).

Clothing vouchers may be used monthly for up to two years. To receive a clothing voucher, Co-Op clients must have a picture ID and current proof of residency in either Lawrenceville or Dacula.


Connection to Other Resources

To foster self-responsibility, the Lawrenceville Co-Op seeks to connect those in need with additional community organizations that may be able to help. The Gwinnett Helpline is an excellent resource for all forms of assistance available in Gwinnett County. The Helpline is available by phone at 770-995-3339 from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.