Once every 12 months, the Lawrenceville Co-Op can pay the last $100 of a utility bill for eligible clients. To receive this assistance:

  • Bring the original current bill to the Co-Op.
  • If the bill is payable to the City of Lawrenceville, you must first pay them the amount over $100 and bring the receipt to the Co-Op when applying for assistance.
  • For utility providers other than the City of Lawrenceville, you must either (1) provide a receipt from the utility company showing that you have paid the amount over $100 or (2) show that you have the balance over $100 in cash or money order.
  • If the bill is not in your name, you must have another current piece of mail indicating that you reside at the service address on the bill.
  • Our check will be paid directly to the service provider and given to you to pay your bill. You may NOT use a bill payment service. Our check must be given or mailed directly to the service provider.
  • All monies paid on your behalf count toward your $500 lifetime limit on financial assistance from the Co-Op.